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Use Cloudflare Workers to simply add Basic HTTP authentication to any of your websites even if they are hosted on a service like Vercel or Netlify.

I am working on a new project where I already setup the deployment pipeline. The app has a backend and a frontend. The frontend is built with Next.js and therefore I deployed it to Vercel. Because the state of the current project is not publishable I want to protect the access with a password. Vercel offers this option, but you need to have the Pro plan that costs 20$ per month.

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I tried out many analytics SaaS on my blog to find a great alternative for my tracking needs. I was using Google Analytics before, but now I want to use something that cares about my and other user’s privacy.

My feature requests are very simple:

  • tracks page views without using cookies
  • privacy-focused
  • can track events
  • offers a way to use a custom domain to deny ad blockers
  • (optional) possibility to share the dashboard via a link

Most alternatives I found offer (most of) those features and even more. …

You probably know those fancy images that you see on Twitter or Slack when someone shares a link to a website. The information that you see is meta tags stored inside HTML. They even have a fancy name and belong to the Open Graph protocol.

Here is an example from my blog’s homepage:

Those meta tags are very easy to put onto your site, but the image one can be a bit tricky because we need real images that are different for each page we have!

In this post, I want to show you how you can design your…

Sharing websites is a fundamental process of the web and providing a way to make it as easy as possible can allow users to easily share the work you created.

The Web Share API allows the user to use the native share mechanism of the operating system. You probably already have seen this when you want to share an image or video using a native app.

Welcome to my new series where I will write about built-in Browser-APIs and demonstrate how you can use them today. Most of the APIs I will write about will be highly experimental and still will have the “Draft” status. So don’t expect a wide browser adoption and only try this with modern browsers. You can always check or MDN for up-to-date information about the compatibility in the browsers.

The first API I want to write about is the Clipboard API. With the Clipboard API, you can read from and write to the Clipboard of the user. …

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If you have a slow computer or you somehow can’t install Docker using the official Docker Desktop installer, you might want to use your Raspberry Pi (or any other server you have) to be your dedicated Docker server.

Recently I had the problem that I could not install Docker Desktop in my VM that was running on my Unraid server. The problem is that on Ryzen CPUs nested virtualization is not (yet) supported on the OS that I used. Nested virtualization means that you can run a VM inside a VM.

I finally got some time and finished the second workshop of the Epic React by Kent C. Dodds course. It’s been a while since I wrote my last article about the first workshop, but here I am and trying to summarize my experience and learnings from the second workshop React Hooks.

Certificate for completing the React Hooks course

Some people are already finishing the whole Epic React course and it took someone over 3 weeks by spending 4 hours each day. That’s 84 hours or 3 1/2 days spent on the whole course. I think I need to increase my speed in completing more workshops 😅 …

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One way to improve your SEO is by submitting a sitemap to Google. Sitemaps are an XML representation of your website and its pages. It allows search engines to know what pages your website has, without crawling each link on your page first.

By submitting a sitemap to the Google Search Console you can help Google to better identify your pages and you can see problems if some of the URLs are not being indexed.

Most websites have sitemaps and you can easily find them by looking at the robots.txt and searching for the Sitemap entry.

Here are a few…

On the internet, there are many ways to allow visitors to get updated for new content on your blog. A pretty common option is to offer a Really Simple Syndication or more commonly known as RSS feed.

An RSS feed is a standardized XML file that contains information about the website and about all articles. Many people like to use RSS readers like Feedly or Feeder to read blog posts, so it’s a good idea to offer it!

Next to RSS there also exists the Atom and JSON feed. Atom should be the successor of RSS and has some improvements…

I just finished my first workshop of the Epic React by Kent C. Dodds course. After each workshop, I thought I might write down my thoughts and summarize my learnings.

Certificate for completing the React Fundamentals course

Epic React is a BIG online course with a total of 8 different workshops and I don’t know how many hours of videos, I just know that there are a lot!

If you want to learn or — like in my case — get better using React then this is probably the best course money can buy. Kent is an amazing instructor and he explains things very understandable. This epic…

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